Save Money on Your Wedding with These Simple Tricks

Do you know how do most ‘Happily Ever After’ stories start?

With piles and piles of debt!

Financial mess created due to extra expenditure on the so called ‘fairy tale’ weddings is also one of the major causes behind domestic distress that ultimately lead to divorce. Not so much of a happy ending, is it?

Couples who are realistic with their wedding budget tend to be the couples who think smartly and live more prosperously. They are able to save more for bigger goals – ones that really matter for a happy and stress free life together. However, even for a frugal wedding, it is easy to spend a few good thousands.

That is why you should take your time to plan everything to please your pocket rather than the people. Here are a few starter tips that will help you start the saving spree.

Choose the Right Time

As much as you believe in fate and its timing, know that there are things that you can control; such as, choosing a less busy season and a weekday. Cut weekends and summer season off the list as they tend to be the most expensive time for wedding. From food to venue, everything is expensive.

Choose Smaller Venue

Choosing a weekend on a winter day will naturally cut down the number of guests who can make it to your wedding. There is nothing to be sad about getting fewer gifts. Think of the amount you can save on a smaller venue.

Centerpieces DIY

Never let an event manager chose the centerpiece for you. No one will even remember what it looked like! Browse the internet for wedding related DIY and you will be surprised at how you can create amazing centerpieces at a fraction of cost. You can delegate the hard work to your bridesmaid or best men.

Cut Cost on Flowers

You may have always loved roses or tulips, but they can cost just as much as the food. Just like centerpieces, no one will remember the flower arrangement you had on your wedding. It is wiser to go for flowers that are in-season. If you have a certain look in mind, you can get faux flowers for almost half the cost.

Buffets on Budget

Buffets cost a lot less than fancy catering options such as plated dinners. Explore your options and see if you can find a home-based catering company offering good discount. You will be surprised by the number of options you will find and how amazing their services are.

Think of it! Saving a couple of thousands will actually give you a head start on a bigger financial goal such as buying a home or a car.

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